Find the Differences

Find the Differences 3.8

Spot the difference between two pictures


  • Nice images
  • High scores table
  • Simple controls


  • No zoom function
  • Images repeat themselves a lot

Not bad

Spot the Difference is one of the all-time classic puzzle games. Find the Differences is a popular iPhone version of the game, which will keep you occupied on long, dull journeys.

The object of Find the Differences is to figure out the five anomalies between two different pictures. Get them all before the time runs out and you’ll progress to the next level. And don’t even think about just wildly tapping at the screen to guess because for every wrong guess a chunk of time is eaten away. You’re allowed a total of three hints per game, which you can get by tapping the magnifying glasses at the top of the screen.

Find the Differences is a faithful clone of a tried-and-tested puzzle format. It’s fun, addictive, and good for your brain – but it’s not perfect. For a start, it’s very tricky to spot differences when both the images are as small as they are in Find the Differences. Some of the differences are very subtle, so your eyes will soon hurt from all the squinting. The simple addition of a zoom feature would solve this, and hopefully that’s something Pocket Zebra will look into for future updates of Find the Differences.

The photos used in Find the Differences are of a good quality and most are interesting to look at. Perhaps there should be more of them though because they do repeat a bit too frequently, making it easy if you can remember where the differences were.

Find the Differences is a challenging version of a classic puzzle game. Just be careful you don’t wear your eyes out with all that squinting!

Bug fix to improve picture accuracy


  • Bug fix to improve picture accuracy
Find the Differences


Find the Differences 3.8

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